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Hi, My dad James Alfred Summerfield was a bomb disposalist in WW2. He landed in France on the second day of the D-day landings, aged just nineteen. I'm visiting the area in a few weeks and wondered if there was any information available on where the REA landed, their achievements etc. Would be enormously grateful for any information - I want to walk up the beach that he did all those years ago. Many thanks, Mark Summerfield
Cpl. Ernest Robert Frederick Taylor is 'one of ours' . He died with Leslie James Mansell at Durham 8/11/1944. Are details of the incident available please?
Hoping someone can help. I am trying to trace my late uncle L A Tingle who we believe was with the the Royal Engineers Bomb disposal during WW2 until he transferred to the RAMC to join the Parachute Field Ambulance unit where he was lost inaction on 6/6/1944. So far I am unable to find him - I am also hoping to find some pictures of him.
My Dad Norman Clark served in the Bomb disposal from 1952 - 1963. I think he was based at Portsdown hill in Portsmouth. Dad would never talk about his time serving in the army and he has recently passed away. I'm keen to find out more information but we have no paperwork and don't know his regiment or service number. Any ideas on how I can find information?
Alison - you did not leave an email address. We are interested in the photo album - please email me with your contact details at Looking forward to hearing from you.REgards Gary
Sgt Purdy details updated.
I have an album which belonged to my grandfather, it is a photographic record of 20 Bomb Disposal Company R-E 194 Platoon, Ashford during WW2.
He was Lance Corporal No.2149902 George Russell Gray.
I am sure this album would be of interest, as it has photographs of all the company, and of all the different types of bombs they encountered.
Please let me know if it would be of interest to EOD.
beneath photograph of grave of Sgt G.W. Purdy there is no reference to family.
He was orphaned in 1921 age 9yrs. and one of three brothers.
Would it be possible to have the following added:-
Son of John and Mary Purdy of South Moor Co. Durham
John Purdy (nephew)
My uncle, Rudley Henry Bristow of 8th Bomb Disposal Section Royal Engineers, was killed in Italy on 19th February 1944. I am trying to find any information at all concerning the circumstances of his death and anything else about him. I know he is buried in the Sangro River War Cemetry and I plan to visit as soon as possible.
My grandfather was Captian H.J. Hunt MBE Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal. I have the original typed manuscript of his bomb disposal stories, he was a truly wonderful brave caring person. I have a framed picture of him with my grandmother and my mother outside Buckingham Place after he had received the MBE. I am very proud that he was my grandfather.

Hi, I am looking for any information about my great uncle, Spr Robert Alfred Cook of No.5 BD Company who was killed in an explosion, aged 20 on Oct 7, 1944 whilst clearing mines. His four other comrades killed on this day are buried near him at Bayeux War Cemetery. They are Harold Bordycott, James Frederick Weyman, Patrick Robert Collier and Leonard Scott. I hope to visit the cemetery one day. Many thanks
I am researching my grandfather saper Vincent Reginald Goddard royal engineers bomb disposal 4 coy killed on the beaches in Norfolk 1944 age 24 if anyone has any information regarding my grandfather or his regiment I would be interested to hear from you brendaparker1@hotmail.
Just come across my first Bomb Disposal casualty while researching Haverhill war memorial..Please, how would I go about finding more about the incident on 19th September 1944 when sappers Moore and Corcoran and Cp Ashford lost their lives.
I. am researching the death of corporal Francis coyle who was killed decembe1940 Birmingham my older step brother tells me that a Sargent present At the blast ( he lost an arm) told our mum Francis jumped into the bomb crater and the bomb exploded any information regarding records awards would be very appreciated Kevin purnell
My Father's Brother 1991097 Sapper
Cecil Ronald Taylor.
5 Bomb Disposal Section.
Royal Engineers.
Son of Thomas and Florence C. Taylor of Sutton Coldfield.
Died on the 23rd September 1940. Aged 21.
Buried at Sutton Coldfield New Cemetery.
Grave 1.
Hi , we are trying to find out back ground details on the RE buried in the CWGC cemetry at Newark on Trent. Not sure if they are EOD but here goes.
Rank: Sapper
Service No: 1941709
Date of Death: 16/10/1940
Age: 29
Regiment/Service: Royal Engineers

Rank: Serjeant
Service No: 1895098
Date of Death: 11/02/1940
Regiment/Service: Royal Engineers

Rank: Sapper
Service No: 1941709
Date of Death: 16/10/1940
Age: 29
Regiment/Service: Royal Engineers

Thanks in advance Shaun
Found my Grandfathers name on your honours list Lance Sergeant Hendry Lewis kill 12th Nov 1940 on Sully beach was wondering if there was anymore info on Grandad like medals or honours etc if any
Great site guys.

Family research has just identified 1941239 Spr William Palin 4 BD RE. Died/KIA 11 Dec 1944 at Happisburgh North Norfolk.

I have been unable to gain any more information on his unit or the circumstances surrounding his death. He is commemorated on the BD/RE memorial in Norfolk.

Any pointers or info would be most welcome.

Great work - UBIQUE
trying to find info on thomas william holmes died 10 june 1941 aged 23 defusing a bomb he was in 14 bomb disposal company royal engineers
Hello can anyone give me information on my great grandfather Captain Herbert James Hunt he was awarded the MBE from King George V1 .. He disposed it was the largest bomd ever dropped on the country it was called satan if anyone has any details could they please email me at thanks ..Amanda.
Found this page today, glad to see my father's brother is remembered here. Poppy cross going on the grave on Remembrance Sunday.

I have his photo in uniform and the local paper cutting reporting the incident. I knew his mother (Elizabeth) and father (Thomas) as a child and my nephew is also a Thomas Howard.
Next month I am publishing the recollections of Captain C.Nevil Newitt GM MBE. He was in BD from 1940-45. In 1940-41, he was with no 15 BD Section covering central London. He wrote these recollections in the late 1950s and they have never been published. If you go to the above website, you will find one or two pictures, film clips. and some more details. The book will be available either from me or via Amazon.
Can anybody help?

I am looking to get information on where WW2 beach minefields in Aberdeenshire were located.

I have some info from the national archives, RE museum, however no maps / plans / charts.

Can any ex-RE Bomb Disposal personnel advise of the MOD etc hold such records of maps for EOD work in WW2?

I saw on one file in TNA about 11th Coy BD RE some orders relating to map references and an attached map (which wasn't there)

Any information on where I could obtain minefield maps for Aberdeenshire would be great

Definitely brings tears to the eyes remembering the past.
Sapper Sidney Williams 13045967 died 25 October 1940, London, whilst in service with Bomb Disposal.
He is buried in our Chapel Cemetery, Alltwen, Swansea. I am interested in establishing details of the incident which resulted in his death, place, situation etc. Sydney is one of several other servicemen, all members of the Chapel, of whom I am writing a brief background/history. Any information would be gratefully received.
Lance Sergeant Sydney Norman Ezekiel RUTTER # 2196747 No 3 Coy., Bomb Disposal. I have him on a local war memorial I am researching and wondered if anyone knew more about him, circumstances of death on 1st September 1944. He is buried in his home village of Icklingham, Suffolk.
Thank You
I wonder if you have any information relating to Corporal Samuel Dougherty 7018180 of 4 Bomb Disposal Company Royal Engineers.
He was killed on 22nd May 1945.

Any information would be much appreciated.
Cracking Website! - Great to see this from Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal!
I worked with the EOD lads down the Falklands in circa 1995. A great bunch of guys who we, as the field surgical team, developed a great relationship with. I can remember Gaz Toombs? Geordie? Steve Bunn? I was also, whilst serving in Bosnia, one of the first on the scene in Bugojno when Cpl Peter Bradley lost his life, I was part of the resus team and IRT and we dealt with about 6 other casualties that day including one young EOD fella whose name escapes me, but he needed surgery after we airlifted him back to Sipovo and then to the Ophthalmic Hospital in Sarajevo.Please encourage any of these fellas to get back in touch with me via my email address many thanks Rhino (24616291 Sgt O'Neill RAMC as was then)
Looking for the history of the 854 Quarrying Company RE. I have my father's diary from Tarranto to Villach in Austria, but would like fill in a few bits prior to that date.
Hi James
Sadly very few members are still with us from this era and I can find nothing within our records. You might want to try National Archives at Kew which I believe can be done on line or go to the Veterans Agency UK and request his military records Pete
Hi William.
Sorry but we have no information for you. It was a few years ago that we became aware that BD had a unit 1 Malayan BD Sqn. Who were taken captive at Singapore. Pete
hi I am wondering if anyone knows what happened to my grandad sapper norman cryer whom I never new but my mum used to talk about him all the time, sadly he died in a bomb explosion in the First World War he served in the royal engine bomb disposal and I can't find any information other than it was a bomb that blew up on a 117 welwyndale road On the 25th August there were quite a few deaths and there was also civillian casualties I think they were digging down for the bomb and it blew up,any information would be welcome !
My father Claude Derrick Grenville Harland was a Royal Engineer bomb disposal during WW2 and was awarded the MBE for something but we have been unable to discover the details. He served in Burma
Trying to obtain any information relating to the failed attempt to make safe an UXB on 14th March 1941
five members of No.23 Bomb Dis. Co. lost their lives and are buried in Christ Church Military Cemetery
Portsdown Portsmouth. They are sapper G. Chapman. sapper J Glynn. sapper A.G. Hollingworth
Sgt. G. W. Purdy (my fathers brother) and Cpl. W.J. Wicken
Is there any record of the exact location of the incident Or any other relevant information?
Any information would be much appreciated
My late father joined the R.E when WWII was declared but went back to college to complete his qualifications in engineering. I was advised by his late brother in law, Richard Head (RE) that he was then assigned, as a Lieutenant, to a BD unit around London. After some time he was reassigned to 50 Div and went to North Africa. Despite a lot of research, I have not been able to identify the BD unit he worked with. It has been suggested that 719 BD is the most likely unit but I haven't been able to confirm this. I am hoping your records or your members knowledge might help. His name was Kenneth Arthur Edward BOSSOM. Many thanks, Richard (Perth Western Australia)
I am the son of "Jack" Edmund John Allman who was in the RE, in the BEF returning to England via Dunkirk and spending the rest of the war in Bomb Disposal in SE England.
I am trying to find info on 1874644 36 Fortress Coy., Royal Engineers who died on 10th october 1943 aged 26. He was buried in Chungkai War Cemetery, and was believed to have been a POW.

Can you help?
Hi there, I am trying to find a photo or information on a John McCarron (my grandfather) who served in the royal engineers during WWII. He was a digger in the bomb disposal unit. Any help would be so valuable to me and much appreciated. My contact email in
Many thanks
Hi Angela. - Regarding your father, there is some info relating to Captain Polson in WO 373/86/642 at The National Archives. It includes the following – "His outstanding qualities as an individual have lead him throughout to exert a far greater influence than could be expected from his staff appointment, for with complete disregard for his own safety he has repeatedly brought his own technical skill into direct contact with the most dangerous and unknown forms of enemy devices, at the first possible moment, whether in forward areas, as in the case of enemy floating mines at Nijmegan or in Antwerp dealing with unexploded V missiles. His unceasing search for first hand knowledge also lead him personally to discover and disarm delayed action mechanisms, placed by enemy saboteurs, in large underground bomb stores at Xanten, just in time to save large explosions and loss of life."
There is also a photo of him in the book Unexploded Bomb by Major Hartley wearing a diving suit and about to work on a UXB in a gas holder at King’s Cross.
Drop me an e-mail at
I'm trying to help my Dad find a photo of my Grandfather, 1900106 WO Cl II Norman Grundy , No.5 Bomb Disposal unit. He thinks there was photo in the paper of my Grandfather shaking hands with King George VI after defusing a bomb at Buckingham Palace. He died on 19th Sept 1941 so the photo would have been between 8th Jan -19th Sept 1941. I've tried the British Library archive but without the title of the paper it's hard to locate. Any info would be appreciated.
Seeking to make contact with former members, or families of members, of the following:
RE Bomb Disposal Malta 1940-44;
854 Quarrying Company, Mill Hill, Oct-Dec 1940 (became 24 BD Company Jan 41);
No 5 BD Company (especially 260 BD Section) Sept 42-Jan 43.
Please email
I am trying to find details of my fathers war record he was acting captain Andrew Gordon Polson and was in bomb disposal during ww11. He was awarded the MBE for a mission in Belgium, I think,. Does anyone know anything else of interest about my father please.
I am trying to find details of my fathers war record he was acting captain Andrew Gordon Polson and was in bomb disposal during ww11. He was awarded the MBE for a mission in Belgium, I think,. Does anyone know anything else of interest about my father please.
Had a couple of questions asked over missing casualties on the Roll of Honour. We are striving to get all added to the site by October 2014. We have since 2006 researched and identified all our casualties from 1940 to present day, we realise that this might not be 100% complete due to record keeping errors or missing or in complete war diaries through WW11. At the present time around 50% have been added to the site all others have been completed and will gradually be added. This is a project that has taken us 8 years and we need to ensure that we get it right. People from all walks of life have assisted us in this and without their time and effort this would not have been possible. These are living pages, as and when any further details become available they will be added. Regards Pete Branch Secretary
My grandfather, Albert Henry Gill, was in Number 10 bomb disposal company during WW2. I have been looking at his possessions and have come across a number of items. I have two of his cap badges, one is worn out from polishing! At Christmas he sent a card to my nan with a picture of a bomb on it! Very festive.
If anyone has any more information about him or the company it would be great to hear.
John, thanks for contacting us. It would be great if you could copy the details that you have. We will then review and add them to the site. Please email scanned copies to the webmaster , click on email link on the Welcome page. Alternatively, if you require a postal address, I can email one to you. All the best, Gary
Hi, I just found this site whilst researching my family tree. My dad was in RE Bomb Disposal during WW2, his name was John Speedie Thomson and was based in the South East UK all his war service, he was a lance Corporal and survived the war. I know we kept in touch with his Sergeant Major Pritchard who I met about 1964 (he always send great Christmas presents for me) One of our neighbours in Perth also served in Bomb Disposal during WW2, his name was Eddy Cairney.
I have some photos from WW2 with some of his colleagues and some daybook records, some where, and am happy to copy them to you if you want, once I find them again.
does anyone have any photos john henry ash 5 bd died 1941 at hoxton remmoving bomb. He was my father
Hi i am messaging to the grandchild of captain hunt (he wrote the book bombs and boobytraps)your grandad was my grandads captain in essex he was sapper douglas john hurley royal engineers 5cor my email is i will check but im sure my mum has a photo of your grandad with my grandad and some of the others from that reg ,
Looking for any information relating to Lt William Karl Kenway, 12 Bomb Disposal Company. He died 30 September 1943. Thankyou.