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Corporal Edwin Baker

Personal Details

  • 1983441 Corporal
  • Edwin Baker
  • 10 Bomb Disposal Company
  • Royal Engineers
Died on the 13 May 1941. Aged 37 Buried at Camberwell New Cemetery Square 102 Grave 6752 Screen Wall Panel 1.


  1. Robert Baker

    This was my grandfather; his only son is still alive and lives in Sidcup. The name on the memorial is incorrect; he was Edwin Baker. I am sure it was him because I have his military records with his ID number. There was a memorial to him in the old Town Hall at Bethnal Green, which disappeared when the building became a private hotel. He was killed disposing of a bomb in Bootle, near Liverpool. He was due to be relieved of duty but the bombing raid disrupted the railway line; his replacement could not get through. My father remembers the officer in charge visiting to commiserate; his face was disfigured with earth from the blast.

    • gary

      Dear Robert,
      Thank you for getting in touch and the entry has been updated.
      Regards, Gary

  2. Pete

    Hello Robert

    Could you contact me on I have found what is being advertised as your grandfathers medals on e bay

    Branch Researche

  3. Peter Markham


    Been going through the casualty records and the following detail is recorded

    Accidental bomb explosion at 432 Hawthorne Road, Bootle Liverpool. Inquiry all precautions being taken, in absence of any direct evidence unable conclusion. Stakes being driven in nearby may have stared the mechanism


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