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Sapper Leonard Fitchett

Incident Report

29th October 1940 – Unknown Location

  • October 29, 1940
  • 29th October 1940 - Unknown Location



Incident. Sapper's O.E. Braysher, J.E. Brown and L. Fitchett died whilst dealing with a Category A bomb as the bomb was was being removed it exploded. The delay action on this fuse detonated after 15 ½hours.

Personal Details

  • 2000787 Sapper
  • Leonard Fitchett
  • 9 Bomb Disposal Section
  • Royal Engineers
Husband of Lottie Fitchett of Stoneferry, Hull. Died on the 29th October 1940. Aged 23. Buried at Hedon Road Cemetery, Hull. Compt 406 Grave 87.


  1. Darren

    Hi I am doing tours of Hedon Rd Cemetery on behalf of The CWGC and would like to include Leonard. Do you know the location where the bomb was being defused or anything else about it.

    • Mandy Nanidis

      Leonard was my grandfather, my father Leonard was born on October 13 1940 and sadly never met his father who died on 29 October 1940

  2. MarkhamPA


    All that is on his casualty card is Killed by action of enemy bomb Birmingham


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