You will find links to a number of organisations offering support and assistance to serving, ex-serving members of the Armed Forces including their families (click on the organisations title to visit their website) :





Lifelong support for our Forces and their families is reflected in everything we do. So if you need help, we’ll be here for you, through thick and thin, until the job is done.





Felix Fund exists to support any military personnel who have conducted or assisted with Explosive Ordnance Disposal duties, and their families.

This includes ammunition technical officers, ammunition technicians, ECM operators, drivers, infantry escorts, weapons intelligence specialists, dog handlers, searchers or any other military personnel involved in EOD duties.

Our current focus is funding therapeutic normalisation breaks to help bomb disposal teams readjust to life in the UK after serving in Afghanistan.

We are also raising money for welfare and rehabilitation facilities, and building a hardship fund for all. This fund will of course support the trade’s many injured and bereaved, but also members of the wider ‘bomb disposal family’ who have otherwise fallen on hard times.

Combat Stress


A small but significant number of Veterans leave the Armed Forces with psychological wounds. These can lead to depression, phobias, anxiety, relationship problems and, in some cases, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).Combat Stress works with Veterans of the British Armed Forces, and members of the Reserve Forces, through effective treatment and support for mental health problems.



Sapper Support 


The suffering that PTSD causes is well documented but only truly appreciated by those it affects and those friends and Family who witness it’s corrosive grip. Now, there are agencies in the UK who are doing wonderful work with PTSD sufferers, but not every agency suits every sufferer. Some people are still unable to approach these companies for whatever reason, the result being they fall through the gaps and are lost.

This is why Sapper Support was formed. We want to be the organisation that catches those who fall.

The website runs in tandem with 0800 040 PTSD, a 24/7 helpline designed by a Sapper, staffed by Sappers….. For Sappers!


Veterans UK


The Service Personnel & Veterans Agency (SPVA) provides pay, pension and support services to both military personnel and the veterans community, directly serving around 900,000 members of the Armed Forces community.


Army Benevolent Fund


The Soldiers’ Charity - provide lifetime support to serving and retired soldiers and their families. They risk so much for us, but for them, it’s just doing their job. In return, we provide financial assistance when they are in real need. That’s what we’ve been here to offer for 68 years.


If you require any assistance, please contact our Welfare Officer - click here