312216 Lieutenant


Charles Leonard Shrimpton.


Bomb Disposal.


Royal Engineers.


Photo taken by Bev Lewis.


Son of Charles and Ester Winnifred Shrimpton of Port Talbot.


Died on the 17th September 1945. Aged 25.


Buried at Saint Mary Church Cemetery, Aberavon.


Row 7. Grave 10.


Lieutenant C. Shrimpton, who was a survivor from Dunkirk and Corporal E. Griffiths a coach builder in civilian life, from Birkenhead, was killed whilst clearing a minefield in Caister, Norfolk, next to the life boat station. There were no witnesses to this incident, however Sergeant L. Horsham who was engaged in clearance work nearby heard the explosion at 14.45. He believed that Lieutenant Shrimpton had been very close to the mine and Corporal Griffiths to have been within a fifty yard radius of it when it exploded.


Mundesely Memorial, Norfolk.


Photo taken by Peter Markham.