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My email address is if any one has any information or photos or any stories about my great grandfather Captain HJ Hunt i would really appreciate it thankyou .
I am trying to find out anybody who knew of my great grandfather ..Captain James Hunt MBE he wrote a book Bombs and Booby Traps ..i wonder if anyone out there knows him he lived in his later years in Beccles in Suffolk He was a very brave man im so proud that he was part of my family
thankyou for the info on my grandad sapper douglad john hurly 5 cor royal engineers died nov 1940 essex but i am unable to pick up the email that was sent as it is an unusable email ,this is my email , i have tried to find the book that capt hunt wrote ,one copy left its in canada ,if the gentleman that messaged me before with info about grandad would please resend to this email add i will be able to receive it thankyou so much . i wish each and everyone a happy christmas thankyou sharon
Hi Sharon,
The incident in which your grandfather died is mentioned a few times in the book ‘Bombs and Booby Traps by Capt H.J. Hunt (Pages 23, 100 and 136). It actually also briefly mentions your mum and grandmother too.
Captain Hunt was your Grandfather’s Commanding Officer, so his book mentions many men that your grandfather would have known.
Your Grandfather was in No 33 BD Section of No 5 BD Company.
The incident is also mentioned in No 5 BD Coy’s War Diary at The National Archives (File WO 166/3997).
Drop me an e-mail at and I’ll send you copies of the info mentioned above.
At there is a photo taken at the same time as one in Hunt's book.
Regards Chris
h i came across this site while i was looking for any old photos of my grandad who died on the 19th nov 1940,i have just found out in illford when he was called to a bomb ,my grandad was sapper douglas john hurley of the 5 bomb disposal company of the royal engineers,grandad already had a three year old daughter when died my nan was 5mths pregnant with my mum so my mum never knew her dad mum has two photos of grandad one is a photo copy of him in uniform ,i am looking for anyone who may know of or know anything about the people he was with also if anyone has any photos of him or his regimant that i can show my mum ,also i would like to know so that i can tell my children,thankyou sharon
I plan on continuing my research to verify the details. As previously mentioned, any assistance or pointers that anyone could provide would be appreciated. My email address is
With regard to forwarding a copy of Arthur's photograph for possible use on the website, please could you advise an email address?
Best regards,
Hi Pete,
I have done a little more digging and have discovered that as well as the seven members of 67/69 Bomb Disposal Coy. killed at the back of 117 Welwyndale Road on 25th August were at least seven civilians.
I have also found the following information:
'On the 25th it seems an unexploded bomb which fell on Welwyndale Road (by Orphanage Road) exploded, many deaths. It seems residents, soldiers and ARP Wardens, etc. who had all gathered round were unaware of the serious danger that early in the war. Though the authorities may have been digging down to it, causing them to be gathered round.'
It seems that Arthur Haines, Mervyn Andrews, Norman Cryer, Willam Davies, Arthur Rabinowitz, William Thorne and William Wisely were killed when an UXB exploded in situ as they dug to reach it.
Hi, ex-Eod 22 years service, Army - please join us at and facebook - all welcome - how to see you there
Hi Mike you never left contact details last November. You have more details than we do. Sadly the few of our WW11 vets still with us can cast no light on this Sorry. We would appreciate any info you can give us to add to the Roll of Honour


I am led to believe that there is a 'Birmingham Bomb Map' that can be accessed at Birmingham Archives. I also understand that there may be records held in the National Archives at Kew, such as bomb census papers/BC4 forms (HO 198), bomb census maps (HO 193), and air raid damage files (HO 192).

Please could anyone help with accessing these documents? I am new to the geneaology scene and live in South Wales, so trips to Kew and Birmingham are not something that I can do without plenty of prior planning and without incurring significant expense.

I also have a photograph of Arthur that may be of use to the Roll of Honour, if anyone is interested?

If anyone is able to help please contact me at

Thanks in advance.


I posted on this forum last November requesting information about the circumstances surroung Corporal Arthur Haines' death in 1940, but received no responses. He was killed, along with at least 6 comrades, on 25th August 1940 while serving with 67/69 B.D. Section.

Since then I have managed to get hold of further information which leads me to understand that he was killed in the back garden of 117 Welwyndale Road, Sutton Coldfield, on the day after a bombing raid in the area. The six other members of the section are listed on the same page of the GRO death records register.

I am now investigating the circumstances surrounding these men's deaths, and would appreciate any help/advice that people may be able to offer.
Hi Sez

Yes please the photo would be appreciated Regards Pete
thanks Chris, I have emailed you :)

Out of curiosity, would the site master like a photo of Michael for the page that has his stone on?
Hi Sez,
E-mail me at and I'll send you copies of the relevant pages that refer to your great grandfather.
From my notes I believe his death was also mentioned in file WO 166/3991, the war diary for 4 Bomb Disposal Group - I will be able to confirm that later this week.
Hi Chris :)

thanks for your reply,
The story thats always been in the family was that he was killed whilst clearing mines on a beach, some civillians became stranded and he was killed helping them.
However another member of the family decided to put doubt to the story and tell everyone he had drowned, hence why i am trying to find out, on top of that, i have a new found fascination with learning about Michael and his past.
I live in moston and was aware of his stone, it was nice to see him remembered on here.
If i sent for his records would that get me anywhere?
Again thank you :)
Hi Sez,
Your Great Grandfather was apparently killed by a land-mine at Teignmouth.
He is mentioned in a file at The National Archives - WO 166/3998. It says he was "killed while on active service" 27/3/1941. It mentioned he had been on leave earlier in March and he was then posted as part of 141 Section, No 6 BD Company to Teignmouth, Devon and attached to C Company 70th Queen Regt for rations, accomodation, etc. Unfortunately 141 Sections diary starts from April 1941 (File WO 166/4075). The only other sources I can think of for info might be local newspaper's archives of both Teignmouth and his home-town of Moston, Lancashire (where he is buried) and check obituaries or possibly local coronor's records.
Hi all :)

I am trying to find the circumstances around my great grandads death,
His name was Michael Blackburne and he served in the Royal Engineers 6 Bomb Disposal Coy.
He died in 1942.

Any help is much appreciated,

Hi Rob,
You might like to follow up this link relating to your grandfather's medal -

Hi can any one help?

I am looking to find out more information about my grandfather.

He was killed in Great Yarmouth clearing mines in 1945.

His name was William Y Vaughan - Corporal 1903909, 4 Bomb Disposal Company, Royal engineers.
He came from Bath. Age 29

He was awarded the BEM 7th July 1944 but not sure why? "well I'm sure he did"!!

Than you

Rob Vaughan
Can you drop me a line at so I can pass on some info that Chris Ranstead has found about your Grandad
Hi. My grandfather Lt. Tom Brian Wrathmell was "killed whilst on bomb disposal operations at Shottisham, Suffolk" in March 1944. He died a few weeks before my dad was born, so we know little of the incident that caused his death. He was serving with 22nd Bomb Disposal Unit (RE) and was posthumously commended for brave conduct.

I was wondering if anyone on the forum knows if there is anywhere that my dad and I can search for any further records or information on the actual incident that caused his father's death? We have recently received his service records from the Army Personnel Centre, but they offer no detailed information in this regard. My dad has lived his whole life not knowing exactly how his father was killed, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, SJ
In reply to your comments below, I will make the following comments. The forum you left your message on is the Roll of Honour set up to recognise those who died whilst carrying out BD/EOD duties. It is my understanding that your Grandfather's death was not due to this.
Nobody is disrespecting your Grandfather or numerous others who served or who later became Branch members and did a lot for the Branch possibly to many to mention in full things will be added, we are always willing to listen to constructive suggestions for additional sections. At this time we see our priority in finishing the Roll of Honour which will also include the units more recent casualties in Afghanistan. We have the information and wil gradually add to it. Secretary
Hi I'm the grandson of William Hill ( Bill ) to all that know him, It would be nice to see him mentioned after all that he did for the EOD, right up till the pint he died. I'm ex RE 82 & 36 and was going to join, but as I see you seam to have lost respect for some of our heroes I don't think I will wast my time.
I am working on my new website about missing soldiers in the Netherlands 1944-1945, which will be launched in january 2012
I am looking for information and documentation about the following missing men:

Cpl J.P. Coyne 23 Company KIA 30-4-1945
L/Sgt A. Hardie 23 Company KIA 22-11-1944
Cpl R. Verling 23 Company KIA 22-11-1944
Spr C.H. Wood 23 Company KIA 22-11-1944

Thanks in advance
I am trying to find out were my grandfather died during the war. My father who at the time of his fathers death was six and is very keen to try and find more information, as he always thought he died in Denby, so it was a shock to find out his name on the roll of honour at Debden ,as I live quite close.
My grandfather is buried in Bolton, both dad and I live down South now and don't get up north much to visit the grave, so it would be lovely for us to visit carver barracks and lay flowers if possible.
My grandfathers name James William Hainey he was with the 16th bomb disposal and died 7th May 1941, but were?
If anyone has any information, or know were I can find out, would be very grateful.
Thank you
Marian Mawas and Jack Hainey

I have stumbled accross this website while researching the death of a relative during WW2.

Arthur Haines, 21, was one of six members of 67/69 Bomb Disposal Section killed on 25th August 1940. I have been unable to find any information regarding the location of Arthur's death or any other details surrounding the incident. If anyone could help me to find further details on the death I would be most grateful.

I am looking for information on a Frank Rogers, born 1904 Lincolnshire Holbeach? He lived with my granfather and my dad in Gedney, until the second WW. He then joined Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal. For many years he wrote to my family weekly and my Grandmother sent him cakes weekly.
He suddenly stopped writing and they all believed he died.
I have little to work with other than two photos.
I can be contacted by email
Chris Ranstead wrote about my father Staff Sgt Thomas Munford who died in Feb 1941. So gratefuls for his book.
With the help of his family, I've been researching the war career of William Leslie Box who was with the Royal Engineers in a Bomb Disposal company from around 1940-46. I'm afraid I have no more information than that, so I'm not sure whether anyone can assist me. Sadly, Les's son in law told me that Les died today, at the age of 89. I believe he participated in the D Day landings and ended up in Berlin in 1945.Les used to come to the church I belong to on Remembrance Day each year. I'm working on an article about him for our church website and a display for the Remembrance Day service on 13th November. Les's story represents the sacrifice that servicemen and women made for us in wartime.I have some photos, but more information would be welcome.
Thank you Chris Ranstead for your information on my Father John H Ash and details of the bomb that caused his death. so kind of you
Your father was with No 5 Bomb Disposal Company at the time of his death. They operated in London (north of the Thames). In a war diary in The National Archives there is mention of 1 NCO and three Sappers (all un-named) as having been killed on 3 January 1941 while excavating a bomb in Carriage Wharf, Dorchester Street, Shoreditch. They were all from 16 Bomb Disposal Section.
I know that a Sapper James Fletcher of No 5 Bomb Disposal Company was also killed on the same date. Shoreditch Street I believe no longer exists and is now a park where the TV 'Time team' recently did a dig relating to the blitz.
Have just found your site, looking for any information on myFather spr John H Ash killed 1941 3 January I think it was bomb in hoxley or something like that I was born 3 months after he was killed. He lived in Barking Essex and was 21 at time of his death He has a headstone in brookwood cemetary Woking. I did have his capbadge but it was in my purse which was stolen. So happy to have found your site.
RE: Sapper Harold Lyth 186049

I've been investigating my local War Memorial (Brompton-on-Swale) where Harold lies. Due to truly magnificent efforts of members of WW2 Talk Forum (, it appears there were 2 separate incidents that killed Sappers Gibson, Gray & Lyth and then others.
Details of the war diary entries follows (see the forum for scans - thanks to ChrisR).
19 BD Coy Diary:
23/04/41 A fatal accident occurred at Plymouth, Sgt. Gray and Sappers Lyth and Gibson being killed.
24/04/41 Another fatal accident occured at Plymouth in which Sappers Joseph Brown and McShane were killed and in which Sgt. Nuttall wounded. Informed that both these accidents occurred while dealing with Category A bombs.
Hi Ron
You did not leave any contact details could you drop me an e mail on
to discuss

I am looking for information on Bonny Gunner 96Sect. 23rd Bomb Disposal. Died in Normandy. Not sure of Beach or date.

Ron Knight