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Son of Walter James Maskell and Lilly Ann Maskell: Husband of Doris Florence Maskell of Southend-On-Sea, Essex.


Died on the 20th September 1944. Aged 34.


Buried at Saint Peter and Paul Churchyard, Olney.



On the 20th September 1944, just a few days before he was due to go on leave, James was with his Company in Emberton, Bedford. They were in the process of rendering an enemy mine harmless when, at 13.20, it exploded killing eight men and injuring a further five.


Lance Corporal E.W. Barlow, Sapper T. Bradshaw, Sapper J.A. Brady, Sapper J.W. Bridges, Corporal E.F. Brooks, Sapper N. Jolley, and Sapper A.E. Martin, also died at this incident.