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Son of Thomas and Marion Marston: Husband of Elsie Elizabeth Marston of Chadsmoor, Cannock.


Died on the 17th November 1944. Aged 30.


Buried at Cannock Cemetery.


Division A. Section 2. Grave 892.



Lieutenant A.G. Dobbie, Sapper W. Knowles and Lance Sergeant T.H. Marston all died at this incident, mine clearance south of Redcar. The section had been working in a sandy area. It had always been a saving grace that in areas where mines were likely to move, they were wired together, so having discovered one it was possible to locate others by following the connecting wires. Sapper Knowles and Lance Sergeant Marston were doing this even though it meant tunnelling for the mine. This they had done and they were going to disarm the mine when the tunnel collapsed and set it off. Lieutenant Dobbie having just arrived was walking towards them when it detonated. He was decapitated by a piece of the mine casing.