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Saddened to learn of Jim McBeths passing. Jim was a plant op in Spt troop wasn\'t he? Think he came from Dunfermline / Cowdenbeath area. Last saw him in civi street around 88 when i was security man taking cash from bank in high street in Fife.
Hi Fossil and to all those I know. An excellent site, thank you. A great way to catch up on friends old and new.
Well done to Fossil and all concerned. Look forward to reading lots about the old days.

Sadly attending Graham \"Jessie\" James funeral 1120hrs Medawy Crem on Monday 9th Feb. He was S/SGT SQMS / RQMS staff 1980-85 thereabouts.
Just found this excellent website and nice to see my mugshots as well as some of my old mates when I was at HQ BDS (UK) RE/JSBDS at Broadbridge Heath, just before the Unit was made a Squadron at Chattenden.. Would very much like to hear from anyone who served with me. UBIQUE.
Hi I ran the Scarborough troop from 76to 79. Dont suppose anybody will remember me as visited camp rarely, I was shocked to see \" in memory of Dave Rosa\" , first knew him in 64 at Tidworth, could someone let me know some details. Some may know me from N.Ireland in 77 or 78 Cheers dave
Scoop, Eff and Errol have moved your bits onto the forum section under banter.
Much improved site Fossil, keep up the good work. Seeing as my handsome mug appears in the gallery - with special thanks to Jock Forde- thought it best to jump on in. Was in 49 and then one of the chosen few to start 58, Wasn\'t exactly a Squadron but more like a large section back then. Was there from 83 to 92 with a short spell in 28 in between. Gallery brings back some long forgotten faces, will raid my albums and add to the collection.
Hi, I was in 22EOD during the late 80\'s and early 90\'s. Lucky enough to be in the 1st Gulf War and meet Prince Charles (nearly got bust over that). I am now a training manager working in Southampton. Does anybody know if John Ferry is still in the Army.
Hi there from a civvy who worked at 33 EOD when at Lodge Hill from 1982 to1984. New site looking good. Keep up the good work Fossil.
Taking opportunity to be cheeky and ask if anyone would donate to my old man who is doing a week long bike ride for the Help for Heroes charity. A worthy cause.
If you are feeling generous you can donate to Brian Simm (Ex Sapper) at
Forgot to say.....the web address is a site I manage for an Under 17 Football team that I am involved with. If interested give it a visit sometime.
Hallo my merry men.....hope you are all well,

Errol...thought you were either deid, in a coma, costantly pissed, too busy shaggin arabs, raiding English towns in the South East or are you just ignoring my calls to your last known mobile number that I have you Western Jock Twat???? Luv U.

Scoop Luv U 2 Mateee....How you doing? Still Goosing Moose in Canada???

Spoke to Nash at New Year on Mobile..... Will tell him bout this site.

Scruff.....How U doin mate


Fossil.......Haven\'t taken tour yet but I am guessing from comments that it will be great. Will post later.

email address is

Tel: 01875 611620
Mob: 07519290637
Great to see your new site up and running! I had a problem at start of the year when the host of my former sight disappeared from the face of the earth taking my site with it! Managed to get my new one up and running - bit different! so let me know what you think of it!
Scoop you know the only way to understand these peoms is to drink whisky. In your comment you spelt the whiskey with an E which is the IRISH dishawater.
Good to hear from you pal, are you still in Vancouver?
As for raping our women - great as that means you don\'t have to share your kebab when you get home if the wife is busy.
Fossil did they have plastic in your day? Thought you would have suggested a doughnut made out of a triangular bandage rather than a plastic ring.
No scoop you know Errol never could decide which side he was on but came across to us as he preffered doing the raping instead of sitting on a plastic ring afterwards
Hey Errol isn\'t it time to sit around reading poems that don\'t make sense,drink Whiskey and eat haggis and neeps while whining how the English have systematically,ground you down,raped your women and stormed your castles?( BURNS DAY)
Great site Pete. well done!
Hi Pete , Happy New Year to you , Thanks for the invite to this site . doing a good job mate keep it up . ---All are welcome to take a look at my web site on 3 Sqn Site / FUNNY VIDEO\'S // PHOTO\'S ETC . REgards ,derek
Great to have a site like this, loads of memorys!
Brian will do got the information just looking for the time to add them. But it will be done.

Great site Pete, keep it up.
Perhaps we could have a bit more information on the photoes, like more names and dates. It\'s so long since i was demobed i would not recognise most of the faces. We all lok like our fathers now.
Great looking site and so much easier to use, keep up the great work. hopefully pictures to follow.
Well done old chap top site Pete
much easier to nav round love it and will spend a lot more time on it

Well done Pete.Its looking good,keep up the good work son.Big shout out to the old 4 troop posse.Hope your all ok,lets keep in touch thro the site,otherwise fossil is wasting his time lol.Hope everyone had a good festive period,Tara a bit
Nice site - thanks for all your hard work.

I wonder if a jobs section or forum would be useful?

I often recruit new staff into our supported housing or construction based training projects in west kent - near 101 in Tunbridge Wells. Many posts are ideally suited to ex RE/ ex EOD and we welcome ex-services applicants. I try to post all jobs on the REA resettlement jobs board but sometimes they do not register in time.

I\'m working with RBL to create 2 new posts - only open to disabled ex-servicemen or women - email me for more info.

All job adverts go on - news - or top right latest news

Kind REgards to all
Rob & Anne Marsh
ex 49
m 07941388852 mobile or text
w 01892 542209
Good afternoon to you all great website,
I am Trying to trace any information on my fathers service whilst in the RE he was stationed in Aden aswell as doing tours in the bomb disposal unfortunately he died in 1984 Hi name was Terence William Pritchard.

Any information or helpful suggestions to finding out more about him would be greatly recieved He left the forces in 1970 after his last tour in the stores in Aldershot.

Best regards

William Pritchard (REME)

Hello Guys I\'m new to this site.
My husband served in Royal Engineers he was a WO2 class 2 David Ofield.
He\'s celebrating his 55th birthday this sunday (11th Jan) so I\'m looking for any photo\'s info from his service. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
My emails any help would be fantastic.
Thank you and take care Karen
Wishing you all a great New Year.
just to wish all and sundry a Happy and safe New Year to all for 2009

all the best
Mark & Denise
Hope you\'reall getting geared up for Hogmanay and ready to make the best of 2009, so Good Luck to you All and remember

\"Walk Slow & Drink a Lot of Tea!

All the best Eodone ( Mad Dog)
Seasons greeting to one and all
Nice site Pete, its coming along nicely.

Merry Christmas to everyone
Nice one Pete, lets hope it goes from strength to strenght. Merry Christmas to all. May you be safe and with the ones that you love.
Lets not forget the ones that are no longer with us, may they rest in peace and love.
Well done mate, I\'ll do what I can to spread the word for the site.

Stay safe and keep smiling
Nice one Pete.
Looks pretty good so far,had a look at pics it was nice to see ginge looking so well I will have to find mine to post on site Keep up the good work
This is really good - hopefully this will help to get more support for the BDA and encourage folks to join in at the events. I know we are all busy people but it is so ggod to meet up with friends old and new, that the effort really is worthwhile - see photos in the gallery for evidence.
Good work Foss.
Nice one Foss!

This way you will be able to build the Site as you want it, not as MSN encourage you to! lots more potential with this mate and I am available to help (if you add my Challenge Coins to the site that is :) I\'ll \'spread\' the word! so get cracking fella...


Sites looking good keep up the good work.
Here we go again. Get messaging.