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Just found the site, some of the names bring back memories of days gone by in 49 Sqn 72 -75. When I am back in the UK I will have to have a look through my photos to send in.
Colin, Thanks for the kick I needed, Those names bring back memories. Send me an e-mail and I will have your e-mail address.
Eric---jog your cells-----Cpl C. Brown, 3 Troop, 49 Sqn----Me, Wrecker Kerrison, Fred Banner, Harry Huxley to name a few. Plus Ray Cornell, Dave Rosa etc etc I finished my time in 81 at Felixstowe with the Ukranians.
igbo man is arund keep it up mugu by name
Fos, for those who knew him, just seen on the arrse website about Maj Nathan Arnison passing away at the start of this month. I knew him from the NSC and met him when I was working in Iraq. I am sure he was troop commander in EOD before the NSC. Probably the Para Troop as he was certainly airborne. Not your average officer and an excellent guy. It seems it may have been a heart attack although he must only have been in his late thirties. RIP
Hi Colin, Afraid the brain cells are not what they used to be, where and when do you know me from? If you can jog my white cells it may well help.
dear everybody. i have just been on facebook for the first time and seen that poor danny eff thompson has only got four friends, three of whom he doesn't know except in cyberspace. please take the time to pass his e-mail address to your friends to make him feel loved. his address is
Message for Eric Meigham------Hi Eric--hope your memory cells still remember me after all this time----and guess what--now living in Southend.
I'm researching the wartime service of my cousin 2056445 Spr. Andrew Kerr. I got his records from Glasgow and I'm trying to flesh out the bones.
He was with the following units
238 (H) Field Company TA in 1938.
276 (H) Field Company in 4-9-39.
26 Bomb Disposal Section 15-06-40.
11 Bomb Disposal Company 17-04-41
23 Bomb Disposal Company 28-06-43 and embarks UK 8-6-44.
He is demobbed in May 46
That is the basics I've got from his records. There are a couple of points I hope you can help me with. Bomb Disposal was that all volunteer ?He spoke about being trained as a diver by the Royal Navy and I've got a photgraph of him in a diving suit but there is nothing in records I got from Glasgow. Do you know of any other source of records?
All help appreciated

Certa Cito

Hi Pete hope it ok have put link to your site on ours great site you got here. Today we laid a wreath and flowers at Crown Lane Nately Scures Hants, for six Sappers killed there by a UXB whilst excavating down to it on August 18th 1940 , this was at a Plaque we laid last year, if you so like you can view pics of last year ceremony at candaimages via the link on our site . Great Site well done best regards
Mike Authers
Group Leader
25th BD Co RE LHG
Message for SANDY MCLEOD - entry below. Your website address does not work Sandy. You can email me at (omit the XX's!) for a chat.
Cheers, Bob.
I was in 2 Troop in the early 60's with Bob Morrison,George Cooney, Noddy Tyler, Alex Newall, to name just a few.
The pictures must have been uploaded by Bob because I reccognise the places and all of the team.
I met some of you riders at Aldershot Show, I even had a ride round with you for about 5 mins. I shook the bucket and hopefully raised a little more for Help for Heroes. The little distance I did and I was panting. The bike ride is something I would have loved to have done in my 15 years in the WRAC. Good luck I wish you all the very best, I`m hopefully going to cheer you on in Shipston. Well done, You are doing a very brave and very worthwhile thing X
Looking forwARD to REABD lunch in October = If your not a member join and come along with your partner its a great day and well organised by Gary Woodman-simmons and the rest of the team
Hi Pete , haven,t got e mail address , drop a line on forum page and i,ll get back to ya , Chattenden happy days!!!!!!!!
Thanks for that info Kieth, I will try, We are keeping extreemly well and hope that you are too.
Regards Eric
Message for Eric Meighan, if you are still trying to contact MZ try the Institute of Explosive Engineers because he has just written an article in the latest magazine. Check your email. I trust life is treating you well.


Keith Burrows
brummy may drop us an email at,fond memorys of chattendene
To my friends at DEODS & 33rd 1973-75

US Navy exchange instructor at DEODS

Hi Fos, is there any way you could let me hane a contact address or phone number to contact Mat, he has`nt got in touch yet?
Think you are right Fos.
Oh Happy days they were!
Remember mooning to Tiny Bot, from the coach leaving Chattenden................two weeks later who was Coastel Sergeant major...........Mr Bot, think he saw the funny side........eventually when he realised we were all beyond help and he gave up trying to control us.
Or was it 83/4 as we spent crimble and New Year there?
There is only one Mad Dog......................
Born of that tour 83.or was it 84?
Hello to my many friends and I offer my prayers for our fallen EOD technicians.
Check your e mail !! old git !!!!!!!!
Slack git where\'s my e mail
2 Days to go !!! looking forward to meeting up with everyone at Twickers again and having a few social beers, see you there,might even see the game this time.
Brian ( Barky) Barkworth\'s last day in British Army is today. We are having a few brews today and would love to pass on any misdeeds, triumphs etc over dinner. Short notice I know but reply to in the next 4 hours if possible!!!
THIS IS NO BANTER............. Notice an early note at bottom o page from Mad Dog....Is that oor Mad Dog \'Sully\' Sullivan ? Bob \'Scruff\' Cowley.....Glad u r keeping in touch???? 1 message posted. What about the other 49ers / 58divs from 83-86. Cum on girls let us know u r there. Merry Christmas....just in case I forget to log in again....
Matt is near the Iraq/Iran border at the moment, shame no beer so i think we should all have one for him, Cheers Matt this one tastes lovely. Eric he will drop you a line when he gets a chance

Does anyone know where Mat Matulevich is living and is ayone in contact with him?
Hi all,

I wonder if anyone could assist me. I am trying to assist my uncle (Who is now 80 years old) on finding some information on the Royal Engineers - 91 Plant Troop with whom he served.

Originally based at Norton Barracks in Worcester I am keen to try and find what I can for him.

Any ideas on best places to look etc

many Thanks

Hi, a friend of mine has asked if anyone can help looking for someone from 33 EOD. His name was ROBERT TURNER, he was in search squad in N.I. in 1989, he was from Shipley in West Yorks, and that\'s all l know.

If anyone could help in anyway possible, please write to John Whitehead (ex RE) on

Thanks\' for any help
hello all, i am the son of scouse considine who served with bomb disposal and finished his time out at 42 svy regt re @barton stacey if anyone wants to get in touch with him i will be glad to pass on any notes etc
Are there any out there who served with me in 71 EOD Sqn at Maplin Sands, Southend. Please contact me for a chat.
Hi Brum
Drop me a line on be good to have a catch up
Hi ,just found this website ,well done Foss !!! was in 6 Troop 58 Purple Helmets!!!!!!!!!!! and to ask any one who knew Barney to spare a few minutes on 19th of March as its 15 years since he was killed.Also looking forward to meeting up with everyone again at Twickers this year.............. i might see the match this time.
RIP Barney
Just found your website tonight after trying to find an old friend. I was deeply shocked to find out that Craig Appleby had been killed some time ago. I have said many times that Craig was someone who was honest and reliable like no other person I had met. I knew him from when we did our C & J course at Chatham in 1991. The only person at Chatham who polished his boots, his brass cap badge and ironed his clothes everday! A truly decent bloke, but rubbish at Carpentry! RIP Craig.
Hi Foss, new web site is looking great.
Fossil how come me scoop and eff got reduced to banter on the forum page? Mum died last year, getting divorced again this year, sprouting ear and nose hairs and finally relegated to banter. How bad does it get? Hope there is no truth in the rumour that all EOD will transfer to RLC? That would for sure be the end of life as we know it. Sad to hear about Jim McBeth. He was a whisky buddy of mine up the George whenever Eff was out with girls.
Hi to anyone in 21 sqn 1994 1997.I was medicaly discharged for a nasty kneck injury after 12 years. Im now living in Essex with my second wife and our new son Callum (who i had to deliver myself in our bathroom another story) I was at the cenetaph parade 08 in London cant beleive i didnt bump into the eod bunch I was there with the combat stress group this year. Anyway cheers to you all love the new website. Brucey

I have put a link to your new site on my web page.
Keep up the good work looking fwd to the Remembrance this year.

Davy Hid
The Site is looking Great Foss!

Very sad to hear of the passing away of more fairly young former 33\'ers...

As many know, Richard \'Dickie\' Greenwood very sadly passed away last year, a Facebook Group was set up in Dickie\'s Memory, he was a larger than life character who was liked by all he met, the Face Book Group can be seen here:

Keep up the great work Pete...

Regards AL...

The new site is looking good Fos.
we3ll done fossil, move went smoothly. see yoyu on the new site. good to see some of the old dinosaurs are still around, i dont feel so alone. cheers
Hi fos great site still waiting for that phone call, is there anyone out there who was in the falklands 82-83 or any of the buxton 83 section out there
Hi All,

Great site. Really like it. Im moving back to London from Devon in the next couple of weeks and will send my details. Also hopeing to make Brad and Graigs gatherings this year.