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A voice from the past, I am allowed out on my own - (sometimes)!!!
If anyone is ancient enough to remember me (or Dave (DC) Cormack (3 Trp 49 EOD Sqn - 73 - 77). Get in touch - email:
You guys have to be out there somewhere!
Does anyone else remember John (Dago) Romans, he has contacted me on the forces reunited web site and was unaware of this great site, keep an eye open for him as I have sent him details of this site
Sent a e mail Pete , you have tickets well done , see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
need to get in touch with brummy may ,have tickets for army navy would like a con tact no
Yes the George Cooney mentioned in this site is the Irishman, he always wore BDs with weights in his trousers onto his gaiters, he was always immaculate in his turnout. If I remember correctly he ran a civilian section in 2 troop.
hey when you talk about george cooney was it the irishman george thomas cooney the irish man from cork who moved to ripon died 1977 is so thats my grandad.
Hi Zippy , live up in Hull since leaving the army , go to Brum to watch footie about 2/3 times a season .Go to Army v Navy @ Twickers , see loads of the lads there.Will catch up later.
Well Well, Brummy May how the devil...are you still living in Birmingham ? I am now living in Tamworth so ping me an email mate to graham@bigpondsolutions with your contact details and we have have a chat up. Cheers Zippy...
Hi Zippy , how ya doing mate!! Blue Lines theres a name from the past , knew him at EOD and Tidworth.What you up to fella ??
Hi,served in 2tp 49 at lodgehill 68/70 looking for some old mates from the petworth and kentish town jobs,plus anyone else that can remember me.
Hi , this is Zippy (aka lcpl Graham Walker). I was in 33 eng rgt Chattended from 1988 - 1992 and from memory I was one of, if not the youngest (aged 17) guy's to join the regiment. I have read some of the comments and remember some of the names that I saw, Bob Davies, Brummy May etc... I also remeber Blue Lines and met him a few times in B'ham since leaving the army in 92. Does anyone remember Steve Teale or Gaz fairburn or Danny in the servicing bay up at lodge Hill. Jock cameron was my Sergent Major at the time. I was also a part of excersize joggler where a bunch of us ran from john o groats to Lands end - to Chattenden for charity. I wish I came across this site years ago and I am keen to hear from anyone who may remember me. Cheers Graham (
My name is Jenny kollez 24yrs old, simple person, single never married, focused in life and cherish my friends. I live in my country (London). i work with International Visa Agency London.i Will write more of my profile.Thanks for reading and i hope we would positively impact each other definitely see each other.

For Chris Cordrey: I remember your name from my time at BBH Camp. Your father worked in Admin. email me at (leaving out the XXs)
Hi Chris
Can you let me have an e-address i will forward your request to any members of that period and see what comes back if you click on contacts page and send message to webmaster or secretary it will come direct to me

Sorry I should have included his full name.
William Edward Cordrey...was married to Kathleen Rose Cordrey and lived in Rushams Road, Horsham while he worked at Broadbridge Heath.
Many thanks
Chris Cordrey his son.
good afternoon all...
I am seeking to find information about my dad who worked with the bomb disposal unit at Broadbridge Heath in 1960 to 1966...I would appreciate any details as I was pretty young when he died in 1967...
Many thanks
Chris Cordrey
Anybody about from no 9BDS Longview lane Huyton Liverpool 1947 to 49 era
Hi, I am looking for tickets for the Army v Navy Rugby.
We are 3 ex sappers who need to get their personal admin in order!
Scouse O'Brien, Kev Kehoe and Frank Amey.
All offers accepted!!!

Just got back on the net to have another butchers at the website.
A big hello to all the old 49 and 33 lads.
I've got some nice photo's from Thailand....river Kwai bridge complete with Bombs at each end...will send them in when I gat a chance.
I see John Forbes managed to find the site, he must have his bus pass by now.
All the best Pete Perry (Pedro)
looking at the rougues gallery photos brought back some memories,hi to anyone who can remember me, on facebook
what a great site seen faces on here shouldnt be allowed !!!
Re: Andy Mirza ex 6 troop 58 sqn.
My son John brown was at Chattendean with Andy and Andy was best man at John's wedding!
Needless to say by the time Andy had to do his best man speech he was pissed out of his head. i still have it on video somewhere and its never to be forgotton stuff.
Really sorry to hear the news - A great bloke but he seemed to disppear for quite a few years and nobody seemed to know where he was. Rest in peach mate.
Andy Mirza ex 6 troop 58 sqn passed away last week , his funeral is on 22nd Jan @ St Anns church Keighley 13.30 hrs.Rest in Peace mate, a true gent and top man.
Hi Anyone know Tich Daly I last saw him on telly doing a BD programe. He served with me in waterbeach early 70 s would like to get in touch many thanks.

Rest In Peace Legs!! Wootton Bassett is for returning heroes ,not for protest marches that is for the likes of London , sign the Facebook !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope you all had a good christmas and have a fantastic new year.
Hi Hid how the devil are ya ???, wot you up to and hope you are safe and well .
Dave Hid and the clan wish everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year and hi to Brummy May
Pete and Sue, Everyone around my Christmas table will raise a glass to all those serving our country, and be very proud of them all, we will also remember all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so we all can sit round our tables in secure peace.
A Happy Crimble to one and all, thank you for the support you have given me and the Branch through the year. Lets look to a New Year which has us all prosper.

May i ask your indulgance on xmas day, just for a minute or two as you sit down to dinner, spare this time for a quiet moment and thoughts to the guys and girls serving especially those on ops, raise a glass to them.

Best wishes

Pete (Fos) and Sue
Merry Christmas every one and a very happy and safe New Year and see some off you at the Army v Navy in May.
Message for Mr.T.Richardson,I do not know if you are aware that your Grandfather and Steve Hambrook made a VHS Tape of the Mine Job. I have a copy someone sent me years ago.If any interest I will dig it out and see if I can get it copied.
Also sad to hear Maj George Fletcher has passed away. I served with him on a few occasions
Very Sorry to hear about Maj.G.Fletcher passing on,worked on that Mine with him.
fantastic site, managed to find my granfather, Mjr george raymond fletcher on here as he recived the george medal for steaming out a 2000 pound bomb in camden. unfortuently he recently passed away, and will be missed greatly.
Does anyone know where Fred Fielding is living. We served together in 49 at Chattenden and the clearance of ordanance on Penang Island in 1968/69
re posts 91 & 92 I was in Scarborugh "troop" from 86 till 98 when I was discharged after a heart attack. As far as I know, the section is still active, can find out for definate.
Good to here that somebody remembers George Cooney, served with him in UKBDUnitRE at Broadbridge Heath, his long service was very usefull when we were in Guernsey he used to put on is no 2 dress with medals and go scrounging for food in St Peter Port, I also spent time in Chattendeen and Penang in Malaysia
We have started a new Forum...

The old Hard EOD Cafe, after 10 years has been revamped to make it more user friendly, we have built the Forum first and will build the new Website around the Forum...

All are welcome...




I think that you and Terry might have to search the web. The following web site:
talks of 11 BDC and may give you a starting point.
Good Luck
Good morning from sunny Australia. Further to my guest log in of
15th October.
We would really appreciate some info on Spr Wood and 11BDC generally. Spr Woods son is now 68 and has a strong desire to
learn more-as much as posible of his father's WW11 activities within 11BDC and the coy's history generally. Does it exist?
Where else can we go to for info?
Thank you.
Looking for info on behalf of my friend, Terry Wood, son of
Spr Samuel WOOD, 3454755, 11 BDC. RE. 62 Fonthill Rd., Aberdeen. Served through WW11.
Awarded BEM in K.B.H.G for 1945. Have BEW Medal & letter from The King together with award/investiture notice,
Reserve transfer and discharge details [Feb '46] & letter of congrats frm Cmndr North Highland District, Inverness, dated 27/06/45. Info on 11 BDC activity and on Spr Wood specifically plus 11BDC photos Many thanks. Contact details asf email to:
mail to: 23 Webb st., Mornington. Vic Australia. 3931.
tel: [61 3] 5976 2543.
Advice on alt web site or path for gathering information
is welcome. Many thanks.
When are we having the next 49 reunion, last one was when Yorkie was still alive, bumping at the noise we were making in his garden, RIP you miserable Bstard.
May I invite your members to read about my three rib-tickling hilarious books on my website?


Mike (Sapper 65 - 89)
Also nice to see Barry is still about, as I remember he was known as Mr camera, never off TV and I am sure he was presented with a brass TV camera when he left the Sqn. Do you remember me Barry, I was 2Tp SSgt with Capt Brian Dobson as T.C.
Glad to also see Barry Birch still alive and kicking. We had some good times when Barry was OC of 49, in fact they were some of my best memories of only one of my tours in that squadron.

Take care Barry


Regarding the last comment, I know that there was a section of one Troop at Scarborough in the late 1960's run by Olly (Paddy) A'hern, also a section at Mundesley, the O.C. 1 Troop at Felixstowe was Tom Moore, the W.O.2 was Bernie Wadie.
Came across your site by accident. Very interested to see all the comments and hear about MZ, Keith Burrows, John Phillips, Colin Brown etc, and glad to hear they are alive and kicking. As OC 49 Sqn from 77-80 I was also surprised to see that there was a "Troop" in Scarborough from 76-79! Perhaps Dave Watts could let me know why I wasn't aware of it. I will certainly check the site frequently, keep up the good work.