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I have not posted anything on here for a while so here are a few things ...Message for Andy Titmas... get in touch mate, In addition, I am looking forward to the 33 reunion at carver bks on saturday and look forward to meeting those who are making the journey....hi also to those who cannot make it.. Finally, I am keen to get in touch with Gaz Fairburn who is in 22 HQ SPT SQN between 88-92... he did the loudest burps you ever heard and was a top bloke.. thanks in advance to anyone who can put us in touch cheers....Zippy
Thanks for the notification Bob, still it is sad news about Brummie.
Brummie, rest in peace mate.
Sadly missed by Hazel and Eric.
Ken O'Niel,

Hi mate - get in touch -
All best
John (Dago) Romans
Just surfing and recognised a few names - will visit again no doubt
Hi Phil, Sorry to hear you have the big C, nice to see you access the site now and again. Hazel and I are great, happily retired and reaping the benefits of all our pensions, I took 14 months early retirement in Sept 08 and have not looked back since, don't know how we had time to work.
We hope everything works out for you in the future mate.
Eric n Hazel
Bucket List,
Just been caught by the big "C", hope to make it in July 2011,
Stray on to the site regulary, remember Eric M. from BD Chattendene, HGV search NI & Penang.
Why is the coverage of 71 EOD Sqn Maplin Sands so low key? Not PC????
We were out in all weathers and so god damm early to catch the tides,
any one out there I would appreciate a response.
Phil Monks.
I served in 1 Minefield Troop from Nov 58 until Nov 63 and knew Bill Gee well. I still have a Memorial Shield he painted for me..he was a talented artist. I have some photo's somewhere if you are interested.
Vic Gowler
today i was looking through some family photos and saw a pic of my late grandad george needler who was in the bomb disposal squad at the entrance of fort widley in the 1940s.he was then sent to isreal to do his job.Very brave man in a very dangerous job.
I have big respect for those in bomb disposal .
Hi ya Zippy. I was the welder with Don Mallett. Hope things are going well with you. It was really good to see some old (very old now) faces on the photos.
Really interesting site, found due to a project I'm working on, but also nice as my Grandfather was RE in WW1. cheers Nick.
Hello B D,
interesting looking thro' the site. My family, five us, all served in the Royal Engineers my dad served in 9 Bomb Disposal unit near Birmingham and if any one has any information regarding the unit or him they could contact me name was John Loach and he was commisioned in March 1940. be nice to hear from someone.
Julian Loach
Excellent site
Well done
Hello REBD,
Just a note to all the Veterans big thank you!
Also my late grandfather Sapper T who served at Dunkirk 1940 and took ordnance to the front lines and assisted dr teams UXB at Dunkirk. Also was in the RAOC in Wales 42-43 supporting the Bomb disposal teams. Then went on to Normandy and capture POW , After the WW2 as civilian volunteered to remove materials from IRA bombing in Brum in 60s-70 campaign.
God Bless,
Looking: john romans/ kev parson/ brig gerrard all served at lodgehill camp 74-78
I am researching Brompton-on-Swale War Memorial where Sapper Harold Lyth is commemorated and where he is buried close by. If anyone does find out what the incident on 23 Apr 1941 was or anything about it, I would be very greatful to hear about it. Please email me at Many Thanks. Peter Hodgson
The St Pauls event was on the 30th September. Although we have a few older members it would be impossible for them to recall one single detonation.

Branch Webmaster
Via BBC World News I learned that today is the 70th anniversary of the saving of St. Paul's Cathedral and it sent me on a web search because my mother had told me that an unexploded bomb which was dropped on the Cathedral a few days before was detonated on the Hackney Marshes on September 15, the day my sister was stillborn.
Later a stillbirth certificate gave the date of September 10. Needless to say, my mother was very skeptical, especially since the 'body' was supposedly cremated immediately. My search turned up this website and the possibility that someone else, perhaps one of your members, recalls the detonation and can comment on this matter.
re: old photo's
To the guys who were in Kuwait for the clearance Rodge Drinkhall ,Gonz Wright and Macc.
I've got quite a few photo's that I will upload for you to peruse at your leisure.(especially Rodge outside our luxury accomodation )!!!!! They should be on in the next couple of days, once I get them scanned etc.
All the best
Re: post 34,
Hi Bob, I know you posted your note in 2009, but as the saying goes"better late than never"
I hope that you and your family are doing okay? Adi (the scriit) Escritt mentions you from time to time.
You say that you met Prince Charles! What about our meeting, surely that warrants a quick mention?ha ha. Wish you all the best mate, if you want to get in touch Adi has the dog and bone mate.
All the best
merry christmas to all and a prosperous new year.
A very Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2011 to every one I know, have a great time.
can anyone help me get in touch with scoop fryer been searching for a while now ive heard hes in canada.On a more somber note sorry to here about jimmy macbeth i was in jlrs with him ,he was a good lad.
Hi there, was just going through some old papers and found some letters from a penfriend back in the 90's. His letters came to an abrupt end and never did find out what happened to him. Hopefully he just decided to stop writing. Anyone know him? Sgt. Kevin Parsons of 49 EOD Sqn.
I served with 49 EOD 1970-1974, just found this site and decided to browse the obits.
I was totaly gutted to see Tom Tweedy had passed away, he was a great bloke.
My heartfelt condolences to his family, albeit a bit late. Enjoyed the site will call back again.
Hi Pete - good clean site, have some fun in Neinburg didn't we!
Wonderful site. Have a great day!
I visited Arboretum at the weekend and got some good pics, I got a bit emotional when I found Jim Prescitt`s name but is well worth a visit.
I am looking for Bobby Murray and Smudge Smith who served with 33eod at Chattenden in 1975 ish I was PT instructor with 18 squadron at the time. Any Information to cheers
Re Hursley Park

Dave can you e mail me on

I have just recieved this message but need your e address

Peter, just browsing though your website, I wee one of the recient visitors to it was asking for infomation on Hursley Park, Nr Winchester.
My Company Owns this site now, and I know there is an extensive archive there (IBM). I donot live that far away and regularly go to the site to work.
If you can put him in touch with me, Ill happily see if i can be of help.

Message for Pedro, pete perry.
yes ive got a bus pass,
hello to all 49ers,living in marchwood near the water side.ex divers cant keep away from the water.
i see tony( brylcream) pearce is around nice to hear from you tony.
any one passing this way your welcome for a beer or two.

Hi Chris,

Many thanks, that's really helpful!

I am currently waiting for a response from the National Archives on a copy of FO 939/86 but I hadn't looked at the War Office reference and I'll see if I can acquire copies of Maj Hartley's "exploits".

Thanks for the help.


Re Hursley Park - Have you seen the files at the National Archives FO 939/86 ( 2A Bomb Disposal Camp, Hursley Park Camp, Winchester, Hampshire) and WO 271/56 (H.Q. 4 Bomb Disposal Group R.E. and 16 Bomb Disposal Coy. R.E.)?
A Maj Hartley was at the camp so might be worth tracking down the books Unexploded bomb by Hartley and Highly explosive : the exploits of Major "Bill" Hartley of bomb disposal / by John Frayn Turner. Might be a mention of Hursley Park somewhere in them?
Good Luck.
am currently doing my phase two with the Staff and Personnel Support and have been posted to 33 engineers in Wimbish. My assignment order is not yet out, i would like to know personalities at my future unit, and if i could a bit of an insight about my unit apart from stuff am able to google.

Hope and looking forward to see you soon

I was hoping there may be someone here who can help me.

I am currently trying to research the History of Hursley Park nr.Winchester in Hampshire. What my research has shown is that in about May 1946 the HQ of 16 B D Sqn moved to Hursley, and appears to have remained there until reorganised in January 1950 when it became the base for 3 troop until being moved to Fort Widley later in the year.

Unfortunately that's about all I'll found, beyond the recollections of a POW who worked with the bomb Disposal unit. So I'd be extremely grateful if there is anyone out there who might be able to fill in some of the blanks? Any stories, references, photos etc.would be a fantastic help.

Yours sincerely
Dave Key
So sad to here about Mirz ( I was 1 tp 12 sqn prior to 5 tp 58. ) Good to see familular names , Keep safe NBC
Hello men. Has anyone else been dicked by xpax like I was? Every year I get the newsletter and it has a big blurb about how great they are and that you are covered worldwide 24/7. When I got divorced I gave them my overseas address and they immediately cancelled my policy as I live ouside the EEA and it is not valid. So I have been paying them for six years since leaving the Army and was never covered so you all need to check this out in case it happens to you.
However I have since bought a new house and have been told by the poll tax bandits that as it is my main residence I must pay full poll tax. So where do I belong - I am dazed and confused
Is it just me who keep taking the trouble to print photos never to see or hear from them again ?????Tony Pearce
I came across this website by accident. I am an ex Sapper myself but the item that took my attention was the article about No; 1 Minefield Troop in Mundesley (actually Trimingham) as my Father was stationed there in 1959(?) to 1962.
Does anyone remember him, Bill "Geordie" Gee ? Later Staff Gee at JLRE Dover
I was at Broadbridge Heath in 1957-58 and does anyone out there remember Cpl. Jim Racher, Sgt. Laverty, S/Sgt Cooke, Lt Greene who I was with on jobs at London (Wembley) Fairlight and the major clearance at Winfrith Heath prior to the nuclear power station was built we fueled up at Bovindon Tank depot . I was the site support fitter I had a Bedford QL workshop and a Austin champ. and our civvies were Driver Stan Underwood and on the Karrier 3tonner , the Diamond T and coles crane operator was Ivan Zedlinski. Love to make contact with anyone with links at that time. Spr GJ Atkinson name ring a bell?
I was OC 49 Sqn in mid-70s. In November this year I am giving a talk (PowerPoint) on RE Bomb Disposal 1940-2010 to raise funds for Poppy Appeal. It is almost finished but I could do with a photo of RE NCOs supervising civilians on area clearance and also any photos of RE EOD in both Gulf War and Iraq War (or aftermaths to these). Does anyone have any they could send me. My e-mail is
re post 142; Now then you old welsh has been! Nice to see a lot of the old and bold still going strong. Great site and hope it is around for many years to come.
To Thomas Richardson,Posted some items regarding your G/dad on wednesday hope they help.REgards Tony Pearce
Just been going through the site (didn't know it existed until now), nice to see some old names still knocking about. All the best.
Hi Guys hope everyone is well.....I've been neglecting the site lately...soz. Will do a couple o extras as punishment. Posted a bit news on Eff, Scoop & Errol banter page. Stay safe guys.
Hi to Brian Batty and I notice Barry Birch was on the site also I beleive I may have know you through my X Chas Heys
Hi guys, sorry this is a bit late. to Tony Pearce: i would love to see the mine footage you have!! my email address is: if you are still able to find it. and to Eric Meighan, id love the chance to here any story's you may have on serving with my grandfather. There is little information available for what he did and where, only his medals have given my clues. many thanks tom
Looking forward to the rugby , see you at Twickers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Days
Just Dropped into the site, lot of names and a lot of happy memories from 79-81 at 49. Piggy Parsons, Lee Morgan, Dive team extrodinaire, Anyone remember syncronised vomiting from the back of the 4 tonner whilst clearing Clumber Park??

Great site, keep up the good work.

Kev D
Good god John Romans you still around

Wurzel Harris