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It is with deepest sympathy that I announce that John Maley passed away on Wednesday 30 October 2013.
John was diagnosed with 2 brain tumors in August, the speed of his demise surprised everyone.
RIP good friend.

REgards and REspect
May the peace of the Lord be with you.
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Thank you and God bless

Hi Danny re Al Munro , did he have bro called John , was with John at 10 Fld Sqn he was also a Bomb God I think , also I was at 39 at the Traz 79 to 81 !!
Message for Tony Eden: re your message for Bernie Roome: In 1962 we of HQBDS Horsham dammed the River at Sandwich on a 6 week location job which came to nothing. Most of the 6 weeks was spent in the Bricklayers Arms! We made a lasting impression on that small Kent town!
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Hi Guys et al.............Anyone know Al Munro, big Jock from Livingston West Lothian?? Joined RE 1980 and was with me at 39 fld sqn 25 Engr Regt Osnabruck 81 - 84 ish first at Roberts Bks and then they moved (after I went to Brompton) to Quebec Bks.....
Thankyou for adding me, this means alot to my son Matthew who's daddy (Sapper Luke Allsopp) was taken from us 10yrs ago. Matthew just want to piece together his daddy's life puzzle and collect pictures. I've not had any advice or help until now and we are overwhelmed by the kind response we've had x stay safe precious heroes,stay safe x
Message for Bernie Roome
In 1966 We had to dig a shaft with Mickyy Scott in a Garden in Kent & found what we thought was a WWii Tunnel.
We stayed @ the Bricklayers Arms in Sandwich the Land Lady told us storys of the Pub Polterguist..
Finally found site!I was 1 tp. 1982-86,Geordie Shield,a right rogues gallery on list.Now living in Lao doing this and that!
Does anyone know the where ab outs of Dave Harding, he took over as 2tp Commander in Cove from Capt Brian Dobson.
I was 2tp Staffy and would like to contact Dave again.
Prior to his commission his background was in Plant.
Hope someone can help.
Hi guys , has anyone got Sean Mc Loughlins phone numbers , just found out he was badly hurt in a car accident in September 2012, need to get in contact ASAP. to check out how he is !! Please try your best lads I,m sure someone has it , any one off to the Army Matelots game this year ??
A Friend of mine has just pointed out to me that there is a Lt Douglass EOD MM Died/killed 17/2/1946 buried here at our local Church. We are going to put some flowers there/and maybe a pint of beer? It being the anniversary.
Heres a hi to any of the guys who may have known me. I wonder if anyone knows if Micky Swift is about, RAOC.old mate from Hong Kong and before.
Hi noted Dave Atkins name would this be the corp dave Atkins of 590 STRE (v) of fort Clarence rochester kent .?if so would love to hear from you. Windy gale
Yahoooooo Army v Navy ticket booked , wrist band booked , can't wait happy days !!!!! Sapper Bar here i come .
Hi all ,just incase nobody has heard but Si Swain has passed on , he was ex 5 Troop 58 Sqn !! RIP mate.
A very merry christmas, and a happy new year to all and sundry.
Lodge Hill 1970-1974 anyone from that time and space that remembers me please get in touch.
Hello- My name is Daniel Furey and I am a Police Officer in NY State, USA. Sapper Vincent Mulooney is my Father's cousin, and until now little was known in our family about his life and death. Thank you for registering what is known about his service, and for listing the names of his comrades in arms who perished with him.
nice to see so many old faces in the photgraph even don skeggs looked young
first trip to falklands with Maj Lucas 1982 unreal
is there anyone out there who recalls,jim rachermy age 73 s/sgt cooke etc who were there with me in the fifties at Broadbridge Heath Camp..We spent quite a while at Winfith Heath in Dorset which was a dummy/decoy air field consisisted of heath and bog land, also very difficult to operate in. We were in civvy pub dids in Broadmayne. Anyone have memories of above site or North Wembley Please help for my book of life memories Sign
hi steve with reference to joining the branch, if you go onto contacts write a msg to the branch secretary, pete(fos) markham, he will gladly send you the info to join. if you struggle for a reply send me an email at I look forward to you becoming a branch member. We have quite a lot of things going on with the branch and as you know, you will be in touch with old and new colleagues
Hi Branch, How and what and were also who do I pay to join?

Steve Rimmer.
23-07-12 I remember Major Bill Hartley, After he a appeared in the TV program THIS IS YOUR LIFE with Amond Andrews he took over a Pub near Whiteparish,Hampshire called the Hatchit.
All the pub ashtrays were fuze caps from many different ordinance types.
Question please---Whatever hapened to this remarkable man ???
I would be very happy to know
Thank you in anticipation
PS I last saw him in the pub in or arround 1962 TA.
hi bill its mac was the one that looked after the goat. served with 583 EOD sqn 82-85
Served from '76 to '79, i put a lot of pictures of that era on the previous site, what ever happened to them? Marty Pocock where is he now? i remember we were at Hunstanton and the trip to Norway, i still live in Bristol and recall he came from Lawrence Weston. Still nothing about Monty (De Leque Le Montais) where has he gone. Piggy Parsons get in touch as lost your number.Like to hear from anybody that knows me.
hello old friends,left eod in1975. tom davidson, russ dunbar, bill harrison, chalky white, jim radcliffe, i was his best man, and many more. frank shattock who left same time as myself but never turned up at the piss up. also not forgetting jim prescott.
Phill Monks has not passed away but sadly does have terminal cancer prognosis is 3 months.
Just had a great day at the Army verses Navy rugby, good turn out from ex EOD , how about spreading the word and make it a meet up date for an annual pissup???
I have just found out that Phill Monks passed away yesterday, RIP mate.
Hello was on attachment to you in 1981 for a couple of months from 8fld Sqn got sent to Ashby De La Zouch with the Hans England drilling rig made a wee hole in the cricket ground then down to Bramley to an old munitions site for clear up.. Would like to wish all the lads wherever they are, all the best
Currently designing a Challenge Coin for the REA BD Branch, I will put the various designs on the FaceBook Group prior to production, myself and 'Joey Bloggs' will front all costs and will make the coins available for direct purchase from our website.



P.S. Make sure you all have your Challenge Coins for REA BD Branch meets or you'll be buying a lot of Beer : )
Have just come across the site. Served with 1 BDRE at Broadbridge Heath in 1962. Was on the Sandwich job, I remember Pop Dawson. Sandy McLeod, Noddy Tyler and the 2 Troop Sergeant, Sgt. Sullie Sulivan, he had a big vauxhall cresta which he and I used with great effect in charming two of the chambermaids from the Sandwich Bells Hotel, cant remember any other of the names, old age I suppose.Any survivors of this era, please contact me

I knew Stu Richardson well, we worked together on a regular basis. RIP mate.
Hello anyone who can remember me.Served in 2 Troop out stations and then became the SSGT for the then newly formed para/commando Troop 49 eod Sqn.Then moved to Training Wing as WO2 (Late80's early 90's) Would love to hear from you.
To ail ex 49 Sqn - Just received sorry news that Stuart Richardson (3 Troop 49 mid seventies) died of bowel cancer in Dec 2009 or 2010.
RIP mate.
A Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all serving and ex BD Engineers
Hi guys , looking forward to meeting up some old faces at the Centoph on Sunday , stay safe Brummy May
Hi Brian Batty
i served in 583 EOD from 1983- 1987,now living in Swansea
Hi Brian Batty, Christine here ex of Heys, how are you doing,
Hi All,Just arrived from an excellent weekend at Chatham with 37 Fld. to feel very at home.Sorry not to see any ex.BD there you missed a great weekend.
Hi John Romans, the contact details ars as follows:-
Postal address, Xafinity Paymaster, Sutherland House, Russell Wat, Crawley, RH10 1UH.
Telephone, 0845 121 2514.
Fax 01293 604024.
Hope this helps you John.
For John Romans,Ref.Pensions,Try Veterans UK website takes you to agency.REgards Tony Pearce
Hi All,
Can anyone tell me where / who to contact about my army pension?
Hope all the ancient ones are doing OK.
All best to all. John (49 Sqn 73 - 77
came across site thought id say hello,so hello,any1 go back tothe 80<
Hi,Any Ex.49ers.going to Corps.Weekend at Brompton 16,17,18 sept.Booked in at King Charles Hotel on 16th.If any one fancies a drink.
Dear Sir or Madam

As a teen-aged boy i was waiting on my bicycle to cross over Marylebone Road and go home to Regents Park.

As I was waiting there was an army lorry parked back a little on the other side of the road If my memory serves me well there were soldiers standing near it. It exploded and sadly human remains hit me. The lorry was a complete wreck. I was shocked by what had happened. I cycled home and did not wish to inspect the scene.

I have just found this site on the internet. I am not sure if the two incidents are the same.

I feel very deeply about the brave men of the Disposal units.

In those days there were more than a few bombing episodes where we were lucky to be a survivor.

We will remember them

Yours sincerely,

Mr IMG Ferguson
Hello, came across this website whilst looking at a tribute to an old friend of mine, ssgt Jim presscott . Ill always remember the advice Jim gave to me before i set off on a 24 month tour of Belfast (1979-1981) with 33 regt RE . Once a sapper always a sapper.
Re Post#152. Would Graham Atkinson care to contact Bob Morrison at (leaving out the XXX!) re Broadbridge Heath.
I forgot to mention how sad it is to hear that Captain Tony "Brummie" Crawford passed away this week and brave man and will i know many others will be sad to also hear of his passing.. RIP Tony ....