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Could any one give me any information on the death of my wife's uncle 2128622corporal 4 bomb disposal coy.
Royal engineers. Died 17 April. 1943. Thanks in advance
I wonder if you could help me with some research: I am trying to find out what RE Bomb Disposal Section the US Army 29th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad were attached to as of 3 June 1944, after the US Unit left Worthy Park, Kingsworthy, Winchester, Hampshire. I believe they may have gone to the depot at Havant between 2 June - 1 July 1944. The US Archive records state : "Pursued Bomb Disposal work with a RE Bomb Disposal Section" before going to Broadmayne, Dorset (a marshalling area) on 1 Jul - 3 Jul 1944. Then going over to France, through France, Germany, then back to France and processes for return to the US October 1945. Also, were and BDUs from the RE based at Worthy Park during the War? Any help/info greatly appreciated. Particularly how the RE and US Army Units worked together - as I know the RE basically trained the US guys! Many thanks. JW.
My maternal Grandfather was Lance Sergeant Charles Frederick Bristow GM RE. I was the only child of his eldest daughter, Rita Elaine, who sadly passed away on April 14, 2013.
L/Sgt. Bristow, a Dunkirk survivor, was injured defusing a Yellow Peril bomb in Kent on April 1, 1942 and died of his wounds on April 4, 1942. At the time of this incident, with him was Lt. Walton who died instantly.
L/Sgt. Bristow was awarded the George Medal less than two months earlier at Buckingham Palace for defusing a bomb in a gas holder all the time while an air raid was in progress.
He is buried in Cranwell Village churchyard and there a a Garden of Remembrance named in his name that I had the honour to open, adjacent to the Village Hall, the land for which was donated by my Great Grandfather and the original hall being erected by my Grandfather. He will never be forgotten by his family or the Village.
He gave his life so others may live.
Great to see 49 Sqn.reformed Fond memories of my time in THE SQN.Tony Pearce former Cpl.
Sapper Thomas Smith is my first cousin once removed, he died with Frank Holman. In this site, it records that there is no information about how these two men died, this is what I have to add:

Sapper Frank Holman was, it appears, the first WWII Bomb Disposal casualty in this country alongside his fellow RE, Sapper Tom Smith from Beswick in Manchester. Part of a unit that had been dealing with a UXB at Shoreham, these two soldiers were involved in digging down to the bomb that had been in the ground for two days. The general assumption was that the bomb was a dud, armed by a Type 15 fuze.. unfortunately it seems that it was, in fact, one of the first to be encountered with the Type 17 delayed action fuze. The explosion proved fatal to both men.

Sapper Holman's remains were buried in his mother's grave at Saltwood Church, and his name appears on the local War Memorial. Sapper Thomas Smith is buried in Manchester, as recorded in this site, he was 20 years old and died before his mother saw him in uniform.
Good day all, I was hoping to find any pictures or stories about the late Capt. Brian Lloyd MBE. He Worked in Tsuut'ina Nation, Alberta, Canada for many years until 2003 when his health took a turn and he could no longer return to work.. I am going to try and get a memorial done in his honor here to pay respects and give thanks for all of the work he did in helping us clear our lands of UXO. please feel free to email me any contacts or pictures or even a story of him, if you knew Brian then you know there is no shortage of good stories.

Thank you all.
Good day all, I was hoping to find any pictures or stories about the late Capt. Brian Lloyd MBE. He Worked in Tsuut'ina Nation, Alberta, Canada for many years until 2003 when his health took a turn and he could no longer return to work.. I am going to try and get a memorial done in his honor here to pay respects and give thanks for all of the work he did in helping us clear our lands of UXO. please feel free to email me any contacts or pictures or even a story of him, if you knew Brian then you know there is no shortage of good stories.

Thank you all.
My dad, Sgt Christopher H Beck ( nickname Hank) served with 33rgt EOD in the early 60s under Dickie Dowdell .before transferring to becoming chief clerk in 54sqn RE until his medical retirement after 20 years. He died on 31-12-97 aged 56, 2 years after being diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers. He loved his life in the army and talked about his bomb squad days constantly. He was one of the ones set to "guard" the UXB under what is now the Rolls Royce building in London when they were building it. They handed him and his friend a bottle of whisky and told "keep an eye on that until morning when we can deal with it" . Today (19.3.2018) would hae been his 77th birthday and he was the last surviving member if his unit.
I have found in my mums house a tapestry sent by my grandfather Benjamin Sherman dated 1943 Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Egypt 111 bomb disposal section and am trying to find out any further information on this. If anyone knows please contact me on Thanks
My Uncle Stanley Gray died in action, I have a photo of him but not much information really. I happened to google his name today under Bomb Disposal and your site appeared ! I am delighted to have found him on your site ..
2197682 Sergeant ,
Stanley Edward Gray.
19 Bomb Disposal Company.
Royal Engineers.
There is even a photo shown of his headstone which our family knew nothing about. Im searching your site to see if there is any further information or maybe group photos ?
Thank you so much !
My Great Grandfather Francis Joyce (1942461) was blew up in Coventry aged 32 years old, My Gran ( Francis Joyce's daughter to still alive aged 83 years and has very fond memories of her Father and how brave he must have been.
She grew up without a Dad, and it breaks my heart to know that the only memory that lives on is in her mind. Please if anyone has any information or pictures to share the family would be so happy.
Not sure if this is the place; Trying to find Brian Batty, Ex-Royal Engineers. I know he was at Preston Barracks, Brighton. Part of 583 EOD sqn.
My Great uncle Sapper Leslie Cotton died on 30th April 1945 just 8 days before the end of the war. I'm grateful for his memory to be honoured on your site. So ironic as his 2 brothers both fought with the infantry and survived. He lost an eye in a factory accident before he joined up and was not fitted for the infantry so joined the royal engineers. My father (his nephew) visited the grave in Holland and by chance met a local who was in the village when the incident happened. Apparently the royal engineers were towing a V2 rocket through the village (valuable tech for the allies) when the warhead exploded.
Hi. In our local cemetery at Tyldesley, Greater Manchester, I have been looking at the grave of Sapper John Corcoran 3390659 22 Bomb Disposal Coy., who died on 19 Sep 1944 . Your roll of honour shows he died in the same incident with Cpl E.A. Ashford and Spr S. Moore. I have searched the internet for any information about the said incident without success. Do you have any details of the fatal incident they were involved in? Regards, Steve Burke (former Sapper).
We are researching the occupation and subsequent 'clearing up' of the Channel Island of Alderney for a documentary we are making. If anyone knows anyone who visited the island after the occupation we would really like to talk to you? Thank you.
In recognition of my uncle Wallace Launcelot Andrews RE GC
Regret to announce the death of John Michel Paul , age 97, on 26/6/16.Unsure of his unit but I know he attended some meetings at Carver.

Further info contact me via email -
Try to find details of my late grandad William John Bristow who served with bonb disposal WW2
Remembering My Uncle 1991097 Sapper

Cecil Ronald Taylor.

5 Bomb Disposal Section.

Royal Engineers.
Always Remembered
The roll of honour is extremely humbling, reflecting on special people who gave all for security, both nationally and internationally.
Information updated on the 10th October 1940 - Worlingworth, Suffolk.
Cheers Geoffrey we will add the info to their pages on the Roll of Honour Appreciated Pete
10th Oct 1940: Carter, Renz, Wooldridge, Edwards and Simpson were all killed when an unexploded bomb went off in a field on Fingal Street, Worlingworth in Suffolk. The local policeman, PC Ernest Whiting, was also killed.
Like to pay respects to Steve Hambrook.Served with him on both bombs he received the GM on,plus a lot of other jobs.The most down to earth guy I served with,kept each other going in Hospital after the mine job.Rest in Peace Old Friend, Tony Pearce
Samantha, I served with Brian Lloyd in Tidworth, and I have some pictures of him playing with my two children, If you would like them send me an e mail address and I will send you them. He was a good friend but when we left the forces we lost contact, is Betty still around, he had two boys, Garner was the youngest but he called himself John as he hated his name.
Hoping to hear from you at
Very sorry to hear about Major Stephen Hambrook.
Served with him.
RIP and REgards
John (Dago) Romans

My name is James Scott, and I am a former U.S. EOD technician studying in the War Studies programme at the University of Glasgow. I am conducting research for my Masters dissertation entitled 'Beyond Danger UXB: What Motivated the Men of British Bomb Disposal in WWII'. I am looking for any diaries written by or correspondence to or from officers or enlisted men in bomb disposal units from 1938 to 1950. Any help in locating those types of documents may be directed to and would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, and Stay Safe,

James Scott

Looking for some info , my father , Joe McCall, was in UK bomb disposal from approximately 45 to 49, he was a lance corporal . Joe spent a considerable amount of time on the South Coast defusing beach mines , UXB etc. Intetested in hearing from old comrades or accessing photographs

Many thanks

Dear John,

Thanks for your enquiry which I have posted on our website. Please visit our Roll of Honour Index where you will find the information we have.

Good luck with your research.


Sgt. G. W. Purdy No. 1869653 NO. 23 Bomb Disposal Company was killed with four others on 14th of March 1941 in Portsmouth while attempting to defuse an UXB.
Do any records exist detailing the exact location of the incident, or any written report of the incident.
This may not be the correct place to submit this enquiry, but any help would be much appreciated.
Barry I believe paddy Spencer is now living in America somewhere

Did anyone serve with Cpt Brian Lloyd MBE, I believe he served with 49 eod squadron, sadly Brian died on the 29th of November 2009, I was his career for the last 7 years of his life as he lost his sight due to diabetes, Brian would sit for hours telling me of his army days he said he loved every second of his 22 years. Due to his passion for the army he inspired me to become an Army cadet instructor which iv done with pride for the last 5 years he also inspired my daughter into becoming a serving soldier. Brian is sadly missed by myself and my children and I would love to hear from anyone that served with him. Rip Brian you served your country with pride.
My father was in bomb disposal during ww11 and apparently in 2elite groups 'tiger group' and 'special services' has anyone any information . He was awarded the mbe military. Name major Andrew Polson. Lots of photos and very proud .
Does anyone know how I can contact SSgt Spencer? We went to the Solomon Islands together in October 1978 and cleared a lot of American and Japanese bombs. I have some interesting news for him.
Dear Christopher, Thanks for your feedback and I am pleased to inform you that service number has been corrected. Best Regards, Gary
Dear John, Thanks you your comments and the medal page has been updated. BR Gary
Thanks for this brilliant site - regarding my Father, Sapper John Henry Ash, who died 3 January 1941, his Army number was 1895898 and not 116209, as stated; wonder if you could amend this item please? Kind regards, Chris Ash.
The list of medals awarded to EOD personnel does not include the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal warded to SSgt Jim Prescott in 1982.

Could we correct this please?

I'm proud to be a cousin of John Hannaford who is apparently one or only two surviving members of the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Unit established in 1940. What a great service to Mankind!
Thanks Gary. Look forward to seeing them again. Bob.
Thank you Gary. Appreciated.
Bob, thanks for the feedback. The data has not been lost or discarded and will be reintroduced to the site as it is reviewed and edited. There is quite a lot of work still to do and all previous information will be added alongside the new material. I trust that you will keep visiting us :-) I have placed a notice on the "Welcome page" to ensure everyone is kept informed. Thanks again, Gary
Just been checking out the new site format sent to me by an ex 49 guy. Very sad to see no photos from HQBDS at Horsham (Broadbridge Heath)in the Gallery1960s section. These were in the 'old' site. Have we been forgotten already? Where are they?
Bob. 1961-66.
R.I.P Monty another character sadly passed on
Hello Tomo & Everyone,
I have just found this website as my brother was Monty (De Lecq Le Montais) in the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal unit within the army. I am afraid to say that he died on the 6th March 2003 in Jersey with ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) after being medically induced in a coma on the 4th of February 2003, eventually all his major organs failed. After leaving the army he moved to Jersey then passing civil engineer exams with distinctions he designed buildings for a while.

So I am very proud to call him my brother.

May he RIP
Just fell over this website. Was given the chance in 1970 to have attachment to 49 then at tillshead (old glider reg base) took it like a shot was made most welcome had the the most humbling experience of my life. Loads of displaced post ww2 East Europeans that the Soviet block wanted to kill. They had no families only sappers they treated me and my mates so well I will never forget my all to brief time their. Thanks to anyone in 49 it was a great growing up experience! )242120624 Sapper Geoff
Hi Nige , served with you down in the Falklands in 86 , was your BV driver when you where Q Mines , how's things mate ??
Hi there Nige Daley , how are you ?? Was with you down the Falklands when you Q Mines back in the eighties , was Redfire op and 206 driver
Served 1969 to 1993
AAC Chepstow. 52 Fd Sqn Afds Waterbeach. 28 Amph Engr Regt HQ and Wksps Hameln. 8 Fd Sqn Tidworth. 15 Fd Sp Sqn Ripon. 75 Endr regt TA Trg Wing. 49 EOD Sqn and Trg Wing. R.E.Diving Wing Kiel Germany.
I was in Bomb Disposal 1970 - 74 49 EOD based in Felixstowe, still here now Joined in 1960 - left in 74.