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The complete series of the wartime drama, starring Anthony Andrews as young officer Brian Ash, who joins the UXB unit during the Blitz, the military organisation responsible for defusing unexploded German bombs. Following Brian through training and as he gains more experience as an officer, the series also follows his growing love for his girlfriend Susan (Judy Geeson), in a world wracked by war.





A collection of three original wartime instructional films about the hazards faced - and the methods employed - in the identification, reporting and defusing of a whole range of German unexploded bombs in a variety of challenging locations on the British Home Front. The stakes were high - civilians feared for their lives and their homes and one false move by the bomb disposal men could result in instant death and widespread destruction.UXB (1941, 58 minutes.An investigation into the complexities of the tasks facing ARP wardens and wartime bomb disposal squads in their reconnaissance, reporting, prioritising and categorising of home front UXB incidents.