6283008 Lance Sergeant


Sydney John Dawton.


14 Bomb Disposal Company.


Royal Engineers

Photo taken by Margaret Wooldridge.


Son of Ooger and Betty Dawton: Husband of Madge Dawton of Hyde Park, Leeds.


Died on the 3rd August 1944. Aged 36.


Buried at Redcar Cemetery.

Plot R Row 1 Grave 5.

Incident details.


On the 3rd August 1944 Lieutenant R. Stewart and Lance Sergeant S.J. Dawton were engaged in mine clearance operations at Redcar.


A stray dog ran into the minefield and detonated a mine. Normally the dog’s weight would not have been enough to detonate the mine, however over a period of time the internal workings had become rusted and weakened.


This one mine set of a chain reaction, about half of the mines in the field detonated. Lieutenant H. Beckingham recovered the bodies.

Details extracted from Bomb Disposal British Casualties WWII. Chris Ranstead.