2126385 Corporal


James Cooley.


12 Bomb Disposal Company.


Royal Engineers.

Photo taken by Benny Benson.


Husband of Doris May Mary Cooley of Northwich, Cheshire.


Died on the 8th October 1943. Aged 24.

Lance Corporal F. Garner also died at this incident.


Buried at Northwich Cemetery.

C of E Section Grave 1614A.

Corporal Cooley and Lance Corporal Garners graves.

Both Corporal Cooley and Lance Corporal Garner were 24 when they died. Their service numbers are only six apart suggesting they joined up together. Probably both men also grew up together.


They are laid to rest next but one to each other, there is no identifying marker on the grave in between.