19 November 1940


Sapper D J Hurley --- Lance Corporal M B Thorp.





At Dellwood Gardens, Ilford an unexploded bomb was partially uncovered, it was fuzed with a clockwork time delay. On checking the fuze was not ticking. Digging continued to check if another fuze was fitted. As this was being undertaken the bomb detonated  Sapper D. J. Hurley and Lance Corporal M. Thorp were killed. Three other Sappers were injured and taken to hospital. It is believed that the vibration caused by the digging may have started the clockwork fuze. Or another fuze was fitted which could have been of the anti-disturbance type.

Details taken from Bomb Disposal Casualties of WW11. Chris Ranstead.




1991263 Sapper


Douglas John Hurley.


5 Bomb Disposal Company.


Royal Engineers.



Photos taken by David Blyth.


Died on the 19th November 1940.


Buried at City of London Cemetery, Manor Park.


Square 252. Grave 99859.


City of London Cemetery.



1906953 Lance Corporal


Michael Brayshaw Thorp.


5 Bomb Disposal Company.


Royal Engineers.


Photo taken by Spike Martin.


Son of Edgar Brayshaw Thorp and Katheleen Frances Thorp of Loudwater, Rickmansworth.


Died on the 19th November 1940. Aged 21.


Buried at Christ Church Churchyard, Chorley Wood.


South East Corner.