10 December 1940


Sapper J R Darsley --- Driver A K Hartland --- Lieutenant K G Hope


Driver F G Horton --- Corporal C B Lebbon.





On the 10th December 1940, at Osterley Park, Middlesex, a section was working, on an unexploded bomb when it detonated. Sapper J. Darsley aged 19; Driver A.K. Hartland, Lieutenant K.G. Hope, Driver F. Horton RASC and Lance Corporal C. Lebbon aged 43 were all killed.


It was a cold day and at Osterley Park, the section had adopted the standard practice of lighting a fire and brewing a large Dixie of tea. Sapper Jimmy Hulme had gone to see to the tea when the bomb detonated. He was knocked over by the blast and a piece of shrapnel hit him in the back. He spent some time in hospital and then returned to his unit. After this incident he acquired a slight stammer but was otherwise okay.





2069555 Sapper


John Robert Darsley.


2 Bomb Disposal Company.


Royal Engineers.



Son of Charles and Edith Darsley of Old Trafford, Manchester.


Died on the 10th December 1940. Aged 19.


Buried at Manchester Southern Cemetery.


Section S.C of E Grave 584.



1878807 Driver


Arthur Kitchener Hartland.


135 Mechanical Equipment Company.


Royal Engineers.


Photo by Carol Butler.


Son of Charles Henry and Sarah Jane Hartland: Husband of Rosalie Mary Hartland of Harfield.


Died on the 10th December 1940. Aged 24.


Buried at Teddington Cemetery.


Section C 3 Cons Grave 1867



142065 Lieutenant


Kenneth Graham Hope.


725 Bomb Disposal Company


Royal Engineers.


Photo by Terry Wisbey.


Son of William and Margaret Agnes Hope: Husband of Margaret Phyliss Hope of Headington, Oxford. B.A. (Oxon).


Died on the 10th December 1940. Aged 32.


Buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Oxford.


Section B 2 Grave 269.



T/211357 Driver


Frederick George Horton.


Royal Army Service Corp.


Attached to 2 Bomb Disposal Company.



Son of Norman and Alice Horton of Broughton Astley.


Died on the 10th December 1940.


Buried at Sutton-in-the-Elms Baptist Chapel Yard.





2198731 Lance Corporal


Cyril Bennett Lebbon.


32 Bomb Disposal Company.


Royal Engineers.


Photo taken by Chris Ranstead.


Son of William and Mary Isabel Jane Lebbon: Husband of Lilian Elizebeth Lebbon of Havant, Hampshire.


Died on the 10th December 1940. Aged 43.


Buried at Teddington Cemetery, Greater London.


Section C 3 Cons Grave 1868.